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MSE Context Aware platform Sample application

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Created by: Seetharaman Renganathan on 21-06-2010 09:05:27 AM
Hi Fellow Developers,

Are you looking for a Cisco Context-Aware Service Sample Application to understand the use of Context Aware APIs in a real time scenario?

The Context Aware technology has created a solution to:

1. Track stolen assets like laptops, PDAs, smartphones, etc.
2. Monitor wired critical network assets, such as switches, routers, etc.

To find out more, check out the University Asset Tracker Sample Application.

The goal of this sample application is to demonstrate the following:

    *     Ease of integration with MSE.
    *     Monitor the Wireless/Wired Assets.
    *     Send notifications to external users or systems when stolen/missing assets are located.
    *     Send notifications  to external users or systems when wired assets are no longer detected on the network.

The University Asset Tracker is a simple web client application, which tracks down the stolen assets when they reappear on the university network.

This application is supported in two formats:

1.    CISCO_University_Asset_Tracker.exe for windows, it supports the following versions of windows.

    * Windows XP
    * Windows 7
    * Windows Vista

2.    CISCO_University_Asset_Tracker.bin for Linux, it supports Linux with UI enabled option.

The documentation for the University Asset Tracker Sample Application can be found under the MSE Context Aware platform Sample Application section of the Context-Aware Mobility Tech Center.

Download the University Asset Tracker Sample Application and deploy it in your web server (preferably tomcat) and to start testing the functionalities in Context-Aware Service.

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