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CMX Connect Experiences Web Auth Form Login

Is there any way to validate Username and Password with external Radius, LDAP, Database or any other Repository?


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Where MSE APIs uses Basic Authentication scheme to authenticate the API request, the CMX Cloud uses a account login authentication token which is required to access the API.  In a production environment an additional proxy authentication server or gateway would most likely be used to protect the access to the server on a private network and the API.

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I mean , allowing users (already existing in any other custom in house system) to connect through the Wi-Fi login process using the CMX web portal with their existing username and Password in that other system, via Radius , LADAP, API, OAUTH ....   

And not only being able to connect authenticating only with linkedin, twitter and Facebook, or authentication with CMX local defined users.

Thanks In advance


Please see "Property Management System (PMS)"  in below document.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Configuration Guide, Release 10.2 - Cisco

Starting from 10.2.2, CMX should support the integration with PMS systems using “Unilink Rest Management”.   CMX will communicate with a Nevotek server component.  The connection to Nevotek is to allow CMX to connect to any PMS that they support.  Unilink in the product name of the product offered by Nevotek the company.

Also see Discussion

Cisco Wireless Guest Solutions Comparison

This's somehow what I was looking for !!

I would like to know (if it is possible) how this can be done, connecting with CMX but using any custom external user Database.  Even if programming or scripting needs to be done. I used to work with LWA with external web server .

How CMX communicates with any server component for login users?



Let me forward your question to the CMX BU folks.  I'll followup soon.

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Hi Matt

I looked with detail to the configuration guide.

What I think is that it will be very good if Cisco can provide any way to integrate external AUTH generic systems for connecting users, as the one there is with Nevotek. This could be done using CMX REST API or OAUTH, or any POST

I am very interested in this, for some of our customers.

I found in CMX Design Session "CMX 10.2.2/3, Beacon Center, CMX Cloud, Wins & Roadmap"  PPT;  from Darryl Sladden on October 2016 one SLIDE with the Below Roadmap:

Short Term – 2HCY16


  • Rules Engine
  • Purple Catch-up


  • Expanded Partners on-boarding for vertical solutions
  • Expanded CMX Connectors

Medium Term – 1HCY17


  • Enhanced Rules Engine
  • HotSpot 2.0

Maybe some of previous features will allow to integrate external AUTH for connecting WiFi users, can I have some status of these Roadmap?

Thanks in Advance.


Absolutely yes, I will see if we can get a statement regarding the current and future WLAN authentication/on-boarding in CMX.

Also, see the following Design Guides.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) CVD - Cisco

Wireless and Network Security Integration Solution Design Guide - 802.11 Security Summary [Design Zone for Mobility] - C…


Hello Mat

Any update about  indicated Below Roadmap:

Short Term – 2HCY16


  • Rules Engine
  • Purple Catch-up


  • Expanded Partners on-boarding for vertical solutions
  • Expanded CMX Connectors

Thanks in advance !!!

Any update on this? I also think that ability to do login via LDAP/ISE/AD/RADIUS would be incredibly powerful. matfarre


It is quite important for me to know the status of the roadmap

I understand there is a delay, in what it is indicated in CMX Design Session I referenced above, at least for 2HCY16.

Thanks in advance


A memo was sent to the cs-location mailer for response. 

Could you help me understand the customers requirements better?  Since the wireless clients could be authenticated by the AP using 802.1X/EAP authentication (Radius authentication server), why would the CMX on-boarding mechanisms be needed for previously authorized users?




The wireless Clients can NOT be authenticated using 802.1X/EAP in this case.  The client devices will be Mobile phones or tablets and our customer has NOT any management for them. 

We want the Wi-Fi login process using the CMX web portal with their existing username and Password in that other system that you can think as a private Social Network, we can provide this credentials to CMX for authenticating the wifi connection via Radius , LDAP, REST API, OAUTH,  ....  





There are many Authentication methods which you can try with CMX.

1. Social Login

Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram

2. SMS Authentication


3. Voucher Authentication

Create a Voucher with Passcode and share with users to connect, maximum 1000 voucher can be created at one time.

4. Sponsor Portal

5.Web-Auth Form

Hope this will help you, if you still have any query then please create a ticket. we will be glad to assist you further.


Abhishek Turak

Cisco CMX Support Team

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Reach us at +1(877)-330-9746 for 24 x 7 support

Send email to

Raise a ticket at

Hi Abhishek,

I would like to know more about SMS authentication and how it works ?

Can I create a guest SSID and a password for that ? Is it possible for an administrator to manually send the credentials to a mobile number ?

Also how about the twilio licensing ?


Chandra Mohan

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