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Detailed CMX/MSE attribute documentation (firstLocatedTime, lastLocatedTime)

Hello all,

I'm looking into expanding one of our products and, with that intent in mind, I've been checking a few CMX/MSE documentations for the past couple of days (as well as this very forum).
I'd appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction as I'm looking for the exact definition of the attributes "firstLocatedTime"  and "lastLocatedTime".

So, considering a request to this specific endpoint: ''

The response would have multiple clients and each client has a statistics following this patterns:

"statistics": {

"currentServerTime": "**************",

"firstLocatedTime": "**************",

"lastLocatedTime": "**************",


  • Am I correct to assume first located time is a reference to the exact moment when this device was first detected by the CMX/MSE?
  • Any chance this is related to when it was first located by a specific AP? (guess this would only be available through the analytics API / dwell time)
  • Last located time would then represent when the CMX/MSE lost track of the device?
  • Also, being on a connected/prove state would not affect this values, correct?

Thanks in advance!

Frequent Contributor

Hi Filipe,

The following information was provided from an internal engineering q&a mailer, and therefore I do not have a document to share with the same information.  I will check the latest release information for further information on these parameters, and will share what I find.

Thanks for the question,


Note: They say inactive for an hour will reset the firstLocatedTime.

currentServerTime = Time of the CMX server in the local timezone that is configured on the server when this packet was written

firstLocatedTime = When device first was added to the ACTIVE MAC table

For this MAC address and this session of this MAC address, when was this device first located.  First means a device was created for the first time ever (i.e. We have a memory structure, when was this MAC first added, or a device that could have been seen previously, but is not in active table now  (for example due to timeout).  So device here for 1 hour, then gone for 1 hour then back. You would have a firstLocatedTime different in the two records.

lastLocatedTime = Last time we have a location update for this device

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