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MAS new iOS device registration

We use CMX sdk to register iOS device to MAS. The time taken to register a new device and MAS to send back the location of the device takes more than 45mins. We use MAS version Can you suggest ways to achieve instant registration and get user location?

Cisco Employee


The time taken by the MAS to send back device location and registration should be instantaneous. At most it should take a few seconds - never more than that.

During registration :

1. Make sure you are connected to the wifi SSID being synced to the MSE. That way registration will be instantaneous. Make sure you get a 200 OK for successful registration in your application when the device registers.

2. If for some reason your network is slow or improperly setup, MSE starts building up a queue. Make sure your queue is empty. Go to your MSE UI admin page, go to Configuration > Context Aware Service > Notifications > Statistics. Check the total count field and click on the hyperlink. Your events in queue should be 0 or extremely low.

3. MSE starts computing the location of a device only when the device moves by at least 3-5 feet after association. So make sure that after associating the device is not static but mobile. On your MAS server , you can go to /opt/cmx-mobile-app-server/bin. Run the script with the MAC address of your device as parameter. You should be able to see the location of your device on the MAS server.

4. When you are making a call from your iOS application, make sure the startUserLocationPolling method is being used with some parameter in seconds. You can use the /opt/cmx-mobile-app-server/bin - getServerStats script to make sure the request you make are reaching the MAS server. 


Abhishek Bhattacharyya


The problem for us was point #3, if the device is at the same location after registration its current location is not returned until the device is moved. The getLoctionByMac also doesn't give the current location, all values are zeros. But the PI shows the device location on the floor map.

We will have scenarios where the user is located at one place, connects to wifi and want to use the location service to know the current location and search for near by interests. In such cases user may not have moved after registration. Is there a way to get the current location (if available) irrespective of whether the user moved or not?





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