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MSE API questions

Hello Developer team,


I have some questions that I want answers and need help.

Q) What is the  difference in API for MSE 10.x  than the MSE 8.x API.  To understand the differences do we have any documentation on the differences?

If they integrate the application with the  MSE  8.0   they want to know how much re-coding if any they will need to make in order to work with the application they create in  8.0.

Q)The  3rd party application developers are  try to create  a  map display provided to  the user who come in company premises to  select the open areas they define within a floors like say open-area 1, open-area 2 etc,.

Now they want to  find  what API  is available in MSE to pull all the wlan users  from the MSE ,get  their co-ordinate  positions of  all the users and  also  the MAP and the  AP co-ordinates as well.

This  will help them to create  boundaries as different  open areas.

Q)  They also want  to be  display the  % of utilization  in each areas. What  API or concept do we have that they can leverage  to build this  application

   If and how can we define zones? Where does zone information reside?

Q) How can they link the cisco MAPs on the  PI or MSE and  link  or tie the co-ordiantes and reference markers  information using any API  with the same MAPs that they have on  their application

Map resolution  what are the specific levels of resolution needed.

Q)   Is there a mobile library/API that can be used to help plotting points on a map

Q) Is any special consideration needed for displaying maps and associated location points on devices of various dimensions (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Laptop)

Q) Is the API the only method for integration or do other methods exist (e.g. DB integration, file transfer, etc.).

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Please, open another discussion with any questions you may have.  Thank you, Matt

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