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Announcing 10.3 CMX Release - POSTED on CCO


From the cmx-adoption(mailer list) <>


CMX 10.3 is now posted on CCO.

Thanks for all of the BETA support and feedback.

At this time, the recommended “safe” image is CMX 10.3 and all users should be encouraged to backup their system and upgrade.

Hi Everyone,

Finally, I’m proud to announce the release of CMX 10.3 that was posted on CCO yesterday. Key improvements include:

·         High availability capability (primary/second failover/back)

·         API enhancements (client counts per zone notifications, repeat visitor API)

·         Enhanced serviceability

·         Analytics performance, UI, configurability enhancements

·         RFID tag telemetry for asset tracking

·         Mallorca/Milos antenna support

·         User interface improvement

·         Upgrade stability

·         SSID filtering Location/Analytics

·         Hyper-Location Accuracy/Latency Test Tooling

·         New documentation and improvements (Analytics, HA)

This release has been a tremendous effort on the part of many people not limited to the teams of: Documentation, CMX Development, CMX QA, Escalations, PM, Program Management, and TAC. I would also like to acknowledge the many Cisco customers who participated in the beta program: Universal Studios, Las Vegas Convention Center, University of BC, Westgate Mall, Lowes, AeroScout, Apple, Intel, EBC UK and Cisco IT.

Thanks again to everyone for their contribution and support for this project. Let me know if you have questions please.


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