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MSE Simulator package 3

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Created by: Kenneth Sroka on 05-12-2009 02:53:59 PM
I have downloded the MSE simulator version 5-2-92-0 and the 3 of 3 package has unzip errors and will not unzip the following files and reports errors
It also reports that this is the last part of a mulitpart zip file on linux.  I have tried winzip, linux unzip, etc.
Thank you,
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Ken Sroka
Software and Engineering Solutions</pre>

Subject: RE: MSE Simulator package 3
Replied by: RAGHAVENDRA KRISTAM on 07-12-2009 07:27:07 AM
Hi Ken,
Please make sure that these 2 files MSE_Simulator_Part1of3 and MSE_Simulator_Part2of3 should follow "Extract to here" while unzipping the files. We should not do "Extract to MSE_Simulator_Part1of3" and "Extract to MSE_Simulator_Part2of3" otherwise we will get the following error while unzipping the We are not able to extract the third zip file i.e., and getting the following error
! C:\LocationServerAPI\Simulator_fromCDN\MSE_Simulator_Part3of3.z01: Cannot open C:\LocationServerAPI\Simulator_fromCDN\MSE_Simulator_Part3of3.z01
! The system cannot find the file specified.
! C:\LocationServerAPI\Simulator_fromCDN\MSE_Simulator_Part3of3.z01: The archive is corrupt
Once we did "Extract to here" for MSE_Simulator_Part1of3 and MSE_Simulator_Part2of3, unzip the a "Cisco-MSE-Demo-5-2-91-0-32bit" folder will be successfully created.
Please follow the steps as mentioned in MSE_Simulator_UserGuide.pdf and let us know if you are still facing the same while extracting.
Thanks & Regards,
Raghavendra Kristam
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