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MSE Simulator problem

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Created by: Reshad Moussa on 07-12-2009 01:54:57 PM
Dear all,
I've deployed the MSE Simulator on the VMware player. The engine starts, but with status:

Product name: Cisco Mobility Service Engine
Hw Version: null
Hw Product Identifier: null
Hw Serial Number: null
Use HTTP: false
Legacy HTTPS: false
Legacy Port: 8001
Log Modules: 262143
Log Level: INFO
Days to keep events: 90
Session timeout in mins: 30
DB backup in days: 90
Problem is that "Use HTTP" is set to false, as well as "Legacy HTTPS".
When I try to connect using a browser to https://msehost.localdomain/, I get:
<h2>Error 404 - Not Found.</h2>

No service matched or handled this request.
Known services are:
For each of these, I get:
<h2>HTTP ERROR: 404</h2>
<pre>Unable to find requested resource</pre>
How can I configure this?

Subject: RE: MSE Simulator problem
Replied by: Reshad Moussa on 07-12-2009 02:00:54 PM
BTW is there an "open" demo server running at Cisco, where I can just test the API without having to setup everything here?

Subject: RE: MSE Simulator problem
Replied by: Reshad Moussa on 07-12-2009 02:02:28 PM
I forgot to say:

Service Name: WIPS Service
Service Version: 1.0.422.0
Admin Status: Disabled
Operation Status: Down

Service Name: MIR Service
Service Version:
Admin Status: Disabled
Operation Status: Down
Why are the last two down? How to start? How to troubleshoot?

Subject: RE: MSE Simulator problem
Replied by: Reshad Moussa on 07-12-2009 04:14:41 PM
Found a problem in the logs under /opt/mse/logs/framework:

stdout_framework_smx.log_backup~:07 Dec 2009 16:32:56,210 ERROR - Thread-8   - Database,NMSP and Network Repository :ERROR: object '/usr/lib/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.

I had to do:
ln /opt/mse/locserver/jre/lib/i386/server/ /usr/lib/
but now I am facing other problems...

Subject: RE: MSE Simulator problem
Replied by: RAGHAVENDRA KRISTAM on 10-12-2009 01:47:02 PM
Hi Reshad,
Yes we will get 404 error when we try to access using web browser. Please download client side "MSE - Java sample code For MSE Context-Aware" or  C# sample codes For MSE Context-Aware from   <a></a>] under "MSE Context-Aware Sample Code" section and go through "Readme.txt" to run the Java / C# Samples with MSE Simulator. We can use these APIs for querying MSE / Location Appliance using SOAP request/response. WCS is the UI which will communicate with the MSE / Location Appliance, in turn it uses the location APIs.

- By default MSE Simulator is enabled for Context Aware Service. We can enable WIPS / MIR services for real MSE only through WCS.

- There is no an open demo server running at Cisco.

To know more about MSE Simulator please refer "MSE Context-Aware Simulator User Guide". As well as refer Getting Started Guide and API specification
Please follow the below steps to run the client side Java / C# Samples with MSE Simulator.

    - Once you downloaded and extracted the 3 zip files you will see a folder created with the name "Cisco-MSE-Demo-5-2-91-0-32bit". Run Cisco-MSE-Demo-5-2-91-0-32bit.vmx image in VMware Player, the virtual machine will start Red Hat Fedora Linux and log in to the system with username = root / password = cisco123.
    -  Once the setup is completed, use command (/etc/init.d/msed start) to start the MSE
    - Check the status whether MSE is up /down by using (/etc/init.d/msed status)
    - Use "ifconfig" command to know your ip address once the MSE is up.
Now we can test the MSE / Location Appliance APIs with MSE Simulator which contains some static data. MSE Simulator eliminates the controller, Access points and tags. Once the MSE Simulator is up then MSE Server is ready to respond.
Please ensure:
- Make a ping check whether the IP address of MSE simulator is reachable or not.
- Please pass the correct credentials (username & password) to MSE Simulator as admin/admin while calling login API.
Please replace the existing ip address in with MSE Simulator ip address.
Hope this helps you.
Thanks & Regards,
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