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Multiple MSE Strategies

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Created by: Luke Jenkins on 11-04-2013 03:54:15 PM
With the change from CAS to AP based licensing in the 7.4 release, we will be going from a single MSE to multiple MSEs. Does anyone have some hints or strategies that they use to deal with multiple MSEs? Our application needs a simple "Where is the client with IP X right now?" out of the MSEs, so nothing super fancy. It just seems that there might be a more elegant way to deal with the situation than running the queery against all of the MSEs in order.
Any plans from Cisco on some sort of MSE master node or front end to simplify qeeries against multiple MSEs?

Subject: RE: Multiple MSE Strategies
Replied by: Matthew J Denapoli on 12-04-2013 01:26:49 PM
Hi Luke,

Let me check with the product team to see if there are any plans for this (or simply a mechanism I'm not aware of).  I've seen other multiple MSE implementations where the MSE dumps location notifications to another db (via a listener application) and the querying application will hit that consolidated db.  
I'll get back to you if I track down any other solutions.

Subject: RE: Multiple MSE Strategies
Replied by: Stephen Guzzetti on 12-04-2013 01:39:35 PM
I was thinking about doing an asynchronous query to all the MSEs?  Anyone else have a better idea?
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