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Tracking a group of tag location


Subject: RE: Tracking a group of tag location
Replied by: Sameer Bhadouria on 20-10-2011 07:18:36 PM
Set the operator property to OP_LIKE or value 1 and the param property with a mac address pattern. For example, if all your tags begin with mac 00:0c:cc then you can set the param value to 00:0c:cc* or "00:0c:cc%
Note the only an "*" or "%" used for pattern match and also it does not like wildcards in the middle of the search pattern. For example, 00:0c:*:01 will match everything 00:0c while the expected result may be to match all tags beginning with 00:0c and ending with 01.

Basically, it only matches trailing patterns.

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Created by: Rajiv Anand on 20-10-2011 06:33:33 PM
I am using AesTriggerUpdate to get notifications on tag movement beyond a certain distance with "param" property set to the mac address of the tag. This works fine for one tag, however I failed to find any documentation on how to enable tracking multiple tags, possibly all tags? I have to track more than 1000 tags and it seems silly to set trackinfo for all of them one-by-one.
- Rajvi

Subject: RE: Tracking a group of tag location
Replied by: Rajiv Anand on 26-10-2011 04:19:22 PM
Hi Sameer,

Thanks for your response. This is something not included in context aware API documentation anywhere. Is there a better documentation on this available somewhere I could get to?

Anyways, so I did the changes as per your advice. By the way the operator property was found to be "@operator" and it is of type "string", so I set it to "1". I set the distance to 50 in the AesTriggerUpdate.

It seemed to work initially because it did send multiple UpdateTrackEvents with state="clear". Then I moved a tag (that matches the wildcard pattern) more than 150 feet and waited a while to receive a notification that never arrived. Then I noticed some notifications of movement for tags that are actually not moving. When using a single tag previously, this behavior was consistent with expectation.

I am not sure if we are doing the right thing. Could you help with some pointers?

- Rajiv
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