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[ASR 1001x command availability vs license]



I have an ASR1001x and want to enable the "neighbor x.x.x.x send-label" command, but it's not available to me. I have an IPB license, but I thought since licensing seems to be honor-based that the command would be available on all flavors even without a license present. Is this the case of will the command become unavailable if the correct license is not present?


Thanks in advance!




XXXXXX(config-router)#address-family ipv6 ?

  flowspec   Address Family modifier

  multicast  Address Family modifier

  mvpn       Address Family modifier

  unicast    Address Family modifier

  vrf        Specify parameters for a VPN Routing/Forwarding instance

  <cr>       <cr>


XXXXXX(config-router)#address-family ipv6 uh

XXXXXX(config-router)#address-family ipv6 uni

XXXXXX(config-router)#address-family ipv6 unicast ?

  vrf   Specify parameters for a VPN Routing/Forwarding instance

  <cr>  <cr>


XXXXXX(config-router)#address-family ipv6 unicast


XXXXXX(config-router-af)#neighbor ?

  activate                 Enable the Address Family for this Neighbor

  additional-paths         Negotiate additional paths capabilities with this neighbor

  advertise                Advertise to this neighbor

  advertise-map            specify route-map for conditional advertisement

  advertisement-interval   Minimum interval between sending BGP routing updates

  aigp                     Enable a AIGP on neighbor

  allow-policy             Enable the policy support for this IBGP Neighbor

  allowas-in               Accept as-path with my AS present in it

  announce                 Announce RPKI State using an Extended Community

  as-override              Override matching AS-number while sending update

  capability               Advertise capability to the peer

  default-originate        Originate default route to this neighbor

  dmzlink-bw               Propagate the DMZ link bandwidth

  filter-as                filter-as

  filter-list              Establish BGP filters

  inherit                  Inherit a template

  maximum-prefix           Maximum number of prefixes accepted from this peer

  next-hop-self            Disable the next hop calculation for this neighbor

  next-hop-unchanged       Propagate next hop unchanged for iBGP paths to this neighbor

  override-capability-neg  Override capability negotiation

  prefix-list              Filter updates to/from this neighbor

  remove-private-as        Remove private AS number from outbound updates

  route-map                Apply route map to neighbor

  route-reflector-client   Configure a neighbor as Route Reflector client

  send-community           Send Community attribute to this neighbor

  slow-peer                Configure slow-peer

  soft-reconfiguration     Per neighbor soft reconfiguration

  soo                      Site-of-Origin extended community

  translate-update         Translate Update to MBGP format

  unsuppress-map           Route-map to selectively unsuppress suppressed routes

  weight                   Set default weight for routes from this neighbor