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ASR903 | Xconnect Stops Working Suddenly

Some info. I am using a 903 Router as a handoff for /30 on an Internet core router upstream which I xconnect from the 903 to various other edge routers through transport MPLS circuits. 


On the 903 I am using a ten gigabit port with service instances that are tagged accordingly and have the other ends of the xconnects labeled on them.


The xconnects showed up when they were not working, but I would not get two-way traffic.


I was able to move to a different port on the Internet core router and 903 and use the same port on the transport router on the other end of the xconnect with the same VC id, but the xconnect came up (well it was up before, but now it has two way traffic, and I can reach both ends from one another). I also used the same IP addresses. 


On the tengigabit handoff interface, I have about 20 handoffs, is there any xconnect or service instance limit I am reaching? I don't have trouble programming these (no errors, etc.) but is there anything I am encroaching upon or any bugs I would be seeing?


903 Code:


IOS: 16.09.02

ROMMON: 15.6(33r)S


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