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Hi, We have an mpls/vpn backbone with different customers using the same AS number and only one AS for the provider backbone. For routing reasons, we need that some PEs can translate the AS of the customer updates to another AS that is NOT the provid...

Has anyone configured PBB VPLS ( 802.1ah ) solution in ISP backbone before? When we are using PBB, we are actually hiding the customer Mac addresses by encapsulating the customer frame with the Provider frame ( mac in mac ). But it gets a little bit ...

Set-UpGSR1(12410) POS link connected to another GSR2(12410) POS Link (Primary Link)GSR1(12410) GigE link connected to another GSR2(12410) GigE Link (Secondary Link)Software Version: 12.0(32)SY4Have enabled "mpls ldp sync" under my OSPF Process on bot...

vibhorpach by Beginner
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Dear friends,I have few basic questions related to CSPF and will appreciate if they are answered.Can we disabled cSPF for specific LSP as we can do with other vendors' router?If we can, does it mean that we can create LSP from a node 'A' in one ospf ...

khhabib81 by Beginner
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In MPLS VPN I see the BGP and MP-iBGP neighborship, however I can disable IPv4 iBGP session with below cofiguration.Question: What is the pros or (if any) cons of below configuration?router bgp xxx  neighbor x.x.x.x remote-ad xxx  no neighbor x.x.x.x...

mukupatil by Beginner
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Hi,I'm trying to use the Cisco Auto tunnel Traffic Engineering feature to improve convergence times; with FRR, these still appear to be of the order of 1 second not the sub second fail-over I was expecting to see. With a standard Windows ping, one or...

Dears,Would like your assistance plz regarding belowFor simplicity consider attached diagramIf we have TE tunnel between PE1 <> PE3 and another one from PE1 <> PE4Similary  one from PE2 <> PE3 and another from PE2 <> PE4What is the best way to acheiv...

Hello,i had a mpls design question, currently we are designing a mpls network consisting of 7 locations.(5offices and two data centers) .All 7 locations will be communicating with each other over MPLS. We have internet links at each data center and t...

Nick wfd by Beginner
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Hello,I'm trying to setup another pseudowire between a 6509-E 12.2(17r)S4 and a 7201 12.4(12.2r)T. The 6509 says the vc is up:Switch#show mpls l2transport vcLocal intf     Local circuit              Dest address    VC ID      Status-------------  ---...

I am struggling with a problem where I have a server that routes via a 2911 router and goes out via the Global routing table to an ASAOn that 2911 there is also a VRF that connects off to another ASA - the router is running VRF-lite and a local insta...

All,I'm part of a project to upgrade a univeristies campus network, and we're looking to move towards an MPLS structure. Now, I'm not really that familiar with MPLS, and I've been studying up on it to get to the level I need to be at. None of the oth...

jbraswell by Beginner
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