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Hello,We are migrating an ISP network from using EIGRP to OSPF. Some of their networks are running on a VRF, so to make a smooth migration we need to run both protocols on the same VRF, is this possible?If so, are all the standard OSPF features avail...

aretsu by Beginner
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QoS or Traffic Engineering

Hi guysI desing an MPLS Network for an enterprise environment. Apart from seven VRF's for each departement, there will be a voice vrf for VOIP traffic. I was reading through different articels describing QoS for MPLS. My question: Because all VOIP tr...

m-ott by Beginner
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is-is or ospf for mpls

We are planning a new mpls network with 10 backbone,25 distribution and about 100 edge routers. We will try to use as much of mpls features as possible,ie, L2VPNs,L3VPNs,VPLS,traffic eng., QoS, mcast, carrier in carrier etc.. Which one would fit bett...

m.erkul by Beginner
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Resolved! Vrf Aware IPSEC

Hi i am trying something inline with title mentioned but i m getting stuck up in getting my vpnclient establish the connectivity with my IPE box which is 7206.i have tried establishing the dynamic ipsec with my 6513 box configured to accept the same ...


Hi this conf is VRF LITE + IPSEC. During the test we see the packets don't come back (from a different vrf) to interface with tunnel. We ping from one PC behind the tunnel ip sec (inside the vrf A) to router inside the vrf B (on the same PE). The pac...

MPLS VPN to MPLS VPN connection

I have two different VPNs and I need to establish connection between them. But both of them are security sensitive customers, with very low router administration capabilities.What is the best way to resolve this issue?

Resolved! Interworking on Static Routing as IGP

Was testing interworking between Vlan over ethernet and FR. As long as my LDP was on static routing, I couldnt reach end-to-end. The moment i configured OSPF as my routing protocol it came up. Can anyone let me know what the reason could be ?

attrgautam by Contributor
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VRF-to-VRF, CE-to-PE

When multi-VRF have to be set on CE and PE, each VRF-to-VRF need a separated logical link or PVC. For instant:CE VRF 1--- VRF1 PE pvc1CE VRF 2--- VRF2 PE pvc2CE VRF 3--- VRF3 PE pvc3If CE--ADSL--PE is the ly2 connection, it is not cost effective t...

ellemen by Beginner
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IOS question?

For MPLS IOS, what the major differences between 12.0S and other releases like 12.2T for example?Thank you in advance..

Ahmede by Beginner
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Hidden MPLS Interfaces

Hi Folkswhen i issue show mpls interfaces hidden on my 7606 boxes m getting the following o/p but donno whts meant by this ,though we havent created any VRFs i m getting the below pasted o/p.i tried cheking out the command lookup tool for the options...

TDP tag-switching - "tag not in FIB"

Afternoon all,Some guidance would be appreciated. I am supporting a small EU MPLS network - 3 P routers linked by ATM PVCs to 17 PE routers. The P routers are the route reflectors and the IGP is OSPF - most routers 7206VXR/NPE300. IOS = 12.2(7). ...

n.moss by Beginner
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Which IOS?

I have Cat 6509 switch with Sup 720 and MSFC3, I need to upgarde the IOS to support MPLS which version I should use?Also what is the version for 3640 that supports MPLS?

Ahmede by Beginner
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Folks, I have a MPLS network setup in my lab. I have MPLS Layer3 VPN configured and running. Now, I am reading about Layer-2 VNPS ( EoMPLS) and one of the requirements is to use LDP instead the default TDP for label distribution. My question is...