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Hi, I have very simple test lab, where PE1 is directly connected to PE2. On PE2 I have RSVP-TE tunnel to PE1: RP/0/0/CPU0:01-PE2#show running-config interface tunnel-te11 inheritanceFri Feb  6 08:03:13.907 UTCinterface tunnel-te11 ipv4 unnumbered Loo...

Not 100% sure I have my category right but I am trying to figure out what exactly att IPDSL is. I'm familiar with adsl and vdsl. So what is IPDSL. My company is slowly upgrading there locations to IPDSL via a partnership with att so I am trying to re...

Hello, I want to test/deploy MPLS on top of our current L3 network, but i do not want our current global routing table to be label-switched (which is the default behaviour).This should be possible if i deploy new dedicated Loopbacks for MPLS connecti...

gnijs by Level 4
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Hello,I have a network based on ME-3800-XI use MPLS/Vpls technologie and too VRF/MPLSThe VPLS works but at times, there has @mac flapping between tunnel EoMPLS of VPLS.For exemple :Oct 13 05:52:46: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 0016.177b.17e1 in vla...

a.auvinet by Level 1
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Hi,we intend to deploy a centralized BRAS solution in our network using 7600 routers, where the ADSL users are bridged through VPLS instance to two remote PE peers where the Centralised BRAS is attached, all the users will be received on many service...

k_abuasal by Level 1
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I cannot find any information about MRU parameter except the book "Mpls fundamentals" where there is some explanation about sense of this parameter however it is not clear enough. Can somebody explain me how it works? I cannot understand whether MRU ...

egor zem by Level 1
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Hello,how is it possible that VRF can be routed from one site to another site by the core routers?It is clear that the VRF must be configured and each interface is to be assigned.In addition, the IGP / redistribution between PE-CE and MP-BGP is to be...

hi,can i get combined speed from two different isp 's?for ex: isp1 2mbps + isp2  4mbps  = 6 mbps speed.

Hello Friends, I have a topology attached R1-------R2 R1 loopback 111 is in vrf AR2 loopback 222 is in vrf A i have isis and bgp vpnv4 configured and UP in R1 and R2. Now to reach loopback 111 from R2 and vice versa. do i need MPLS, If yes why? If no...

Hello,I have this setup:PE1 router is connected to P1 router via single 1G Intf. P1 router is in turn connected to the P2 router via 8xSTM-1, and finally P2 is connected to PE2 via single 1G IntfPE1--P1==P2--PE2Now, this is how PE1 is seeing P1's MPL...