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CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam


Any views on the best workbooks out there?

Hello computers or IE?



I would say at this point their is only 1 workbook out there, I purchased the HelloComputers SP workbook and just found out they may have lost their ability to teach Cisco material, just check out their website, no mention of Cisco, or the forums for the Service Provider workbook. IPExpert is set to release an updated version of their wb sometime this month or next which I plan on getting. They also are releasing a proctor's guide which is a more detailed answer key than what they normally give out (but it will cost more).

Don't be like me and waste your hard earned $$$ on a waste of time like Hello, I am thinking of asking for my money back.



Have you also evaluated IPExpert workbook?, since you mentioned about getting the updated workbook. I'm just wondering and confirming that there are no assumptions.

(I've seen neither and therefore have no opinions)


ive bought the workbooks and expect delivery some time next week so shall let you know what it looks like when I get a chance to review. I am hoping that the workbook 2.0 is free to us 1.0 people - it bleeding well better be


Sorry for warming up this old thread.

How did you like the workbooks, are there any recommendations you make?





No, I haven't evaluated the IPExpert workbook, but if they are about to release a newer revision I can expect it to have much more updated information. I will be getting the newer version here very soon, maybe after I get my money back from Hello. I am just ready to get more spun up and knock this one out and move on to the Security IE. Good luck w/ your studies!


The IE book is not a complete study guide. It does a good job on the basics, but is missing a lot of details you will need to pass the lab. Use it to lock in the basics and then start learning all of the nerd knobs for MPLS/BGP/OSPF/ISIS/MCast and you might pass. Good Luck.



IE work book is full of mistakes. The mistakes in version 1 have been repeated in ver 2. There are errors in answers. When I contacted them for errata they told me i am the first person asking that :(


Dear romccallum,

I do not know about the best books and truly not that competent to help u in anyway, but I have a question, pls do let me know the solution.

Q1. Whats the difference between (RD) Route Distinguisher and (RT) Route Target?

What I know is that RD keeps IP Prefixes from overlapping in MP-BGP and RT is used to help differentiate VPN routes.

Why cant RD do that?


You are correct in saying that the purpose of the RD is to assure uniqueness of the VPN prefixes in the VPNv4 network and that the RT is used to determine which VRFs will import these prefixes.

"Why can't RD do that?"

You are also correct that in simplistic scenarios, RD could have fulfilled both purposes. The problem is with more complex scenarios, where only using the RD would set a major restriction. Just think of extranet scenarios, where you want to share specific routes between two VPNs. This could not have been achieved using just the RD since you would have been forced to use the same RD in the two VPNs, which would have caused overlapping routes from these two VPNs to overlap in VPNv4. This defeats the purpose of MPLS VPN.

Using two different entities to play two different roles was a way to keep it more flexible.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot,

It has really helped me upto a great extent, will get back to u with more when i study further

thanks again


CCIE Service Provider certification is for expert-level network engineers who have the skills to build an extensible Service Provider infrastructure.


check Nick Russo's book

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