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MPLS TE traffic shifting

Ratheesh mv

Hi all ,




MPLS TE 1001 - >From CR-1 to CR-2 path option is strict explicit.

MPLS TE 1002 - >From CR-1 to AGG-1 path option is strict explicit.

IGP protocol -OSPF


We are experiencing CRC error in between CR-1 and CR-2. We need to shift the traffic from problematic path to CR1 - AGG1 path.

We modified OSPF cost in between CR-1 to CR-2 but still routes are  being installed  via MPLS TE-1001(Not shifted traffic).

When we modified metric on MPLS TE 1001(Auto route metric absolute 1000) shifted traffic to  MPLS TE 1002.


I would like to clear my doubt here. what is the correct method to shift traffic in MPLS TE with explicit strict path option topology ? 


Thanks in advance.

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VIP Guru VIP Guru
VIP Guru

chcek with OSPF routing table see is that effected in the config?


also compare the matric learned from other path.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Ratheesh , 


MPLS  Strict means that the next address in the explicit path belongs to an adjacent router to the router in the sequence.

Now with expilict path you should have confgured  atleast one primary  and one back-up explicit path  in MPLE TE tunnel .(based on the design it should have been done )


In Cisco both XR/XE  we have a feature to force-switch path via MPLS TE diectly.

Note :  Make sure that path-protection timers reopt-after-switchover  is confgured with higher time otherwise it will switch back to primary path   once reoptimization done.


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:XR#mpls traffic-eng path-protection switchover tunnel-te ?
<0-65535> ID of the P2P tunnel for path protection switchover

To force a manual switchover for path-protected tunnel, use the mpls traffic-eng path-protection switchover tunnel-te command in EXEC mode. To disable this feature, use the no form of this command.

mpls traffic-eng path-protection switchover tunnel-te tunnel ID

no mpls traffic-eng path-protection switchover tunnel-te tunnel ID

Syntax Description

tunnel ID

Tunnel identifier of the P2P tunnel for the path protection switchover. Range is from 0 to 65535


mpls traffic-eng path-protection timers reopt-after-switchover or mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers delay path-protection

To configure the time to wait after a switchover occurs on a tunnel before a reoptimization is attempted for the tunnel, use the path-protection timers reopt-after-switchover command in MPLS-TE configuration mode. To disable this feature, use the no form of this command.

path-protection timers reopt-after-switchover (seconds)

Syntax Description



Time, in seconds, between path-protection event and tunnel reoptimization. Range is from 0 to 604800.

Command Default

seconds : 180 (3 minutes)





XE1#mpls traffic-eng ?
fast-reroute fast-reroute command
reoptimize reoptimize traffeng tunnels
reroute allow traffeng tunnels with sticky path to reroute
setup-timer setup timer expiration
switch manual switch between working/protect path


XE1#mpls traffic-eng switch ?
Tunnel Tunnel interface
non-revertive deprecated
<cr> <cr>


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