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bej Beginner

PE-CE problem

I have the following problem:

I cannot ping either of the CE router int. from the PE routers but i can ping the PE router interfaces from CE router. Interface status(PE to CE) on each of the PE routers is UP/UP.

The problem seem to caused by this interface command:

ip vfr forwarding vrf1. Before this command is turned on I can ping the CE routers fine. After I enter this command I have to reenter the ip addresses on the interfaces. Another problem is that the CE2 routes does not show up on the CE1 router and vice versa. However, CE2 routes is shown on the PE1 router and the CE1 routes on the PE2 router(Show ip route vrf vrf1, show ip bgp vpnv4 all).

First solution will be rated, thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: PE-CE problem

From the PE, did you do a straight ping or a "ping vrf vrf1".

As far as the routes from CE1 not showing up on CE2 and vice versa, what routing protocol do you run between the PE and the CEs? If you run BGP and that both CEs use the same AS number, you need to configure "neighbor x.x.x.x as-override" for the 2 CEs under address-family vrf vrf1 to override the ASN received from the CE so it will be accepted when readvertised to the other CE.

Hope this helps,

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bej Beginner

Re: PE-CE problem

I figured out the problem. There was a problem with the label forwarding table at the first PE router. I owe my thanks to Rajiv Asati, excellent MPLS VPN troubleshooting guide. I used OSPF as the IGP protocol and there was no problem with iBGP VRF exchange. I used a straight ping at first between the PE and CE router, after that i figured out that i should use "ping vrf vrf1" and that worked fine for both PE to CE connections, but not across the core so there i had a problem that i was not aware of. The real problem was the PE1 router not exchanging labels with the core router i had set up, this was my first lab with MPLS VPN so i am a litte fresh on the subject.