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PPPoE session does not work over L2VPN xConnect on ASR920

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Level 1

Below is our scenario:


PPPoE Server <---> G1-R1(ASR920)-G2 <------MPLS Core-------> G2-R2(ASR920)-G1 <----> PPPoE Client


We configured xConnect between G1 of R1 to G1 of R2 and session was up.


1. If we configuration IP based connection by assigning IP on PPPoE Server and Client, Server and client can ping each other. 

2. if we enable PPPoE on the server site and client tried to dial in, PPPoE session was not working.

3. Debug on server site, we don't see any PPPoE packet from PPPoE client site. 


Is there any specific configuration to ASR920 to enable PPPoE packet to passthrough ?




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Level 1
Level 1


Are you doing PPPoEoVLAN? Depending on how your xconnect is configured, that could explain why (1) works but not PPPoE.

Also, since you don't see any PPPoE packet on the server, are you sure they are actually sent by the client on the right interface? Can you do a debug on the client or a packet capture on the appropriate interface?

Hello, it is working now. the problem is one of the core interface has problem. by changing it to new interface, PPPoE is working normal.


Thanks for reply.