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Short Pipe on the C7600 PE's

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Guys,

I know this is an old topic but despite all my readings on the PFC QoS etc. etc. I cannot find a solution.

Perhaps you guys can assist.

We using ESM20G(2x10G's) cards for the core-facing llinks. We have ME (C7600, ME34/36/38) access network.

This is our requirement:

  1. when we receive (in-profile) labeled packets on the egress PE from the P, we need the EXP values to be used for classification in our egress LLQ pmap on the outgoing interface (me-access-facing interface)
    1. [i can see from the show output that the ES card is "supposed" to be in Pipe Mode]

c7606x01m#sh mls qos module 3

Global Values:

  QoS is enabled globally

  Policy marking depends on port_trust

  QoS ip packet dscp rewrite disabled on slots: 1,2,3,4,5,6

  QoS ip packet dscp rewrite  enabled on slots: None

  QoS serial policing mode disabled globally

  Input mode for GRE Tunnel is Pipe mode

  Input mode for MPLS is Pipe mode

  Vlan or Portchannel(Multi-Earl) policies supported: Yes

  Egress policies supported: Yes

  Police acl redirected packets enabled: No

  Marking statistics enabled: Yes

  1. we also need to have the incoming EXP bit values copied into the CoS values of the egress traffic leaving the the me-access-facing interface.

          [we have tried the trust cos, dscp and no mls trust options on the core-facing interface but we still seeing the customer traffic as only CoS 0 traffic leaving the me-access-facing ring.

Any adivice would help.

Many thanks.

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