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Has anyone experienced and resolved an HTTP404 error when registering AWS-based CCO to an on-premise vSphere CCM in C3?   We've got a lab deployment of Cisco Cloud Center 4.8.0, on-premise CCM, CCO, AMQP, Monitor, Repo, Worker; all running normally. ...

Hi all,I recently wanted to setup a custom service for CloudCenter and I run into the following problem that I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, I was not able to create such an External Service. I tried to create a really simple script which ...

chjaecke by Cisco Employee
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Friends, I am planning to deploy the Cisco Prime Service catalogue appliance for my test lab. In the server architecture for manual Standalone installation, I see we need a Domain Controller module and Reporting module installed on different servers ...

What is the official list of operating systems that are supported as guests with the agent installed? I found this page on the docs site, but it talks about which images are provided, which is not the same thing:

micdavi3 by Beginner
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