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2960XR vs 3650 TrustSec Support

Tim Glen
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi All,


I’m in the process of recommending edge switches for the campus network I manage.  I’m considering 2960-XR and 3650.  We have ISE and hope to use it to control intra-VLAN movement with the new switches.


I’ve never implemented TrustSec or SGT so I don’t completely understand the technology.   With that said I’ve seen documents on Cisco’s website that show that the 2960-XR supports SXP and the 3650 fully supports SGT.  


Can someone help me understand what that means in real life?

What are the pro’s & cons of SXP vs Full TrustSec SGT support?


Thanks very much for any assistance.





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Sxp protocol is used for devices that don't support sgt tagging in hardware such as 2960 to map ips-to-sgts and exchange the mapping with peer devices

While 3650 support sgt tagging in hardware as well as sxp.

Thank you, I have a follow up question if you don't mind.


If if I have users connected to a 2960 will I be able to apply SGT or SGACL to the traffic they are sending into the network? My objective is to keep users on the same switch/ same VLAN from communicating.  





Hi Tim,

You cannot do enforcement (apply an SGACL) on 2960 switches. On a 2960 switch you can only apply SGT's, transport them via SXP and enforce upstream on a device that does support SGACLs. Have a look at the Trustsec Matrix for a list of devices that do support SGACLs.


You could apply a DACL to the users/computers when connected to the 2960 to restrict local access.



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