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802.1x capabilities of catalyst 3560 switches



I'm checking the prerequisites for 802.1x capabilities of Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switches and found the IBNS Deployment Guide here:

On the last page one can find the platform support matrix.

In our company we are using WS-C3560-48PS-S switches. Do these models support all required 802.1x features? They're not listed in the support matrix?

I don't know the differences between the models 3560-C, 3560-X and WS-C3560 exactly but I think the 3560-C and -X are older and smaller ones. If the 3560-Xes are listed the WS-C3560 should be listed even more right? Is WS-C3560 the same as 3560-C? I'm confused a little bit about this.

How can I figure out the platform description of the switch? I ran a 'show version' command but I didn't find the platform description to look for in the platform support matrix.


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Karsten Iwen
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VIP Mentor

Your 3560-48PS-S switches are quite old and are already EOL. The latest software is 12.2(55)SE10.

For the ISE, these switches were still supported with ISE 1.1, but are not listed with newer ISE versions. The slightly newer 3560G is compatible with 12.2(55)G.

What does this mean: You should upgrade to the latest version and then all basic 802.1x functions should work. But whatever you do, you won't have a supported environment.

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