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Prasan Venky

ACS 4.2 to 5

Hi Folkz,


What is the best way to migrate from 4.2 to 5..? Have anyone done it..? If we use migration utility, will it migrate everything or not..?

Quick response is really appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Hi Prasan, 

I have done several migrations and I personally never liked using the migration utility. It does not migrate everything and you still need to manually configure things. 

Instead, I have always preferred to start fresh. I build the new ACS 5.x in parallel, configure it, test and then start migrating services over to it. 

I hope this helps!


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We have only one 3495 appliance for ACS 5.X and no secondary appliance available. So is it possible to have secondary as VM soft appliance..?

Primary- SNS 3495

Secondary- VM ACS

Yes, you can have a hybrid environment. Make sure you spec the VM with resources that mimic the one of the physical appliance!


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Thanks for the information. Which is the stable and recommended version in 5.X series..?

Sorry Prasan, I somehow missed your last message. I have several customers running 5.6 without any issues. v5.7 is out but it is fairly new so I don't recommend going to it until it has been out for a few months and/or until patch-1 is released. 


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