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ACS 5.2 and WLC "Allow AAA Override" question

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Level 7


Using ACS 5.2 to authenticate wireless users (wireless setup is Cisco LWAPP APs and WLC). An ACS Service Policy authenticates/authorizes wireless users and sends the following RADIUS-IETF attributes back to the WLC:

Tunnel-Type: VLAN

Tunnel-Medium-Type: 802

Tunnel-Private-Group-ID: VLAN_NAME

The WLC SSID has "Allow AAA Override" enabled and places authenticated users into the VLAN specified by the ACS attributes - this works ok.

If i have a WLC SSID with "Allow AAA Override" disabled (ie i want the WLC to set the VLAN) - i configure the ACS Service Policy authorization profile to simply "Permit Access". The user is authenticated ok but isn't placed in the VLAN specified by the WCS. If i configure the authorization policy to send the 3 "Tunnel" attributes shown above, the WLC 'ignores' these attributes and successfully places users into the correct VLAN.

Question is - if i have an SSID with "Allow AAA Override" disabled, should i still configure the ACS to return the 3 "Tunnel" attributes even though the WLC will ignore them?



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Jatin Katyal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Allow AAA Override gives the AAA Override precedence over the parameters set in the controller; if there are no AAA Overrides available for a given parameter, the operating system uses the parameters already in the controller. This AAA (RADIUS or other) Override can be used as a finer version of AAA Override, but only takes precedence over parameters when Allow AAA Override is enabled. When its disabled, it should always the parameters defined on the controller itself.



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hello Jatin

thanks for the reply - yes, that was my understanding of how AAA override worked. the problem i was having was due to the ssid - i ended up deleting and recreating it (cisco wlc4404 running ver after that, the aaa override worked perfectly.