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Ibrahim Jamil
Frequent Contributor

acs 5.x !

Hi Guys

i have two acs 5.x Appliance on each site , the acs-1 which is represent the primary instance completely fail , i have replaced by a new appliance with a new  pre-config (ip address , Gateway like the failed one) , now how to make the acs-2 which  represents the 2nd instance replicate all configuration to the primary instance and how can i re-make acs-1 active and play again the role as primary instance




Hi Ibrahim,

Let me see if I understood your issues:

1. You need to transfer the configuration from acs-2 to acs-1

-For this you need to make sure that both servers are running exactly the same version even the patch number, then verify that both units have different license files. After this you can go to acs-1 and under System Administration/Operations/Local Operations/Deployment Operations you can register acs-1 to acs-2, the 3 fields that you see there must be filled out with the acs-2 IP, GUI username/password. This process will register the acs-1 as a secondary for acs2 and all the configuration from acs-2 will be transferred to acs-1.

2. You want to make acs-1 the primary and acs-2 the secondary

-This is very simple and can be done from the acs-1 GUI, for this go to System Administration/Operations/Local Operations/Deployment Operations and now you will see an option called "Promote to primary", use this options to make acs-1 the primary ACS and acs-2 will become the secondary.

Please make sure that you have a fresh and save backup of your secondary ACS server for security reasons.

Rate if it helps XD.

Ibrahim Jamil
Frequent Contributor

Hi Mauricio

thanks for ur reply

You're welcome!

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