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Cisco ACS 4.1 - Disabled Accounts


At work we used Cisco ACS 4.1 to manage the WiFi accounts at work.

Under Reports & Activities we select "Disabled Accounts" and get the following error

"No disabled accounts or accounts hidden due to access restrictions"

We are the administrators and should have full access, and we've looked at the permissions and have all options checked, so completly unsure!

I will admit, it's not a system we daily use nor are we aware of any Cisco CLI's etc, as it's something were not trained in doing, but the ACS is somewhat user friendly

If we get "Disabled Accounts" to display again in ACS, is there a way to delete in one hit? - But this is only a nice thing, but we really need it to list disabled accounts


Cisco Employee

There is no way to delete it all at once.


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Ok thanks for that,

But why are we getting the mesage "No disabled accounts or accounts hidden due to access restrictions"?

I've been looking around and found a utility called csutil - Which isn't on our server, where do we get this utility from?

u r getting that message cause u don't have disabled accounts on ACS.

If you define new user account on ACS and check the disabled account check box for that user.

After that generate the report for the disabled accounts you will see that user account listed.

CSutil is a utility that comes with ACS for windows.

So if your ACS is installed on windows server it should be there , otherwise if you appliance it shouldn't be there.


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This is just the thing, if you click on "List all users" we see loads of disabled users amongst accounts which are enabled.

We've gone through manually (clicking next) and deleted about 200 so far, and not once did it display it "Disabled Users"

So were not sure why not, and a quick search (looking through all users) still shows accounts disabled.

Do you see where I'm coming from now

Correct me if i am wrong , you have accounts that areacually disabled (expired lets say ) but they are not displayed but they are not listed in the disabled accounts report even if you run the report with an admin account that has full access over everything in ACS.

For the time being try to stop , start csadmin and see if it works.

Can you please try to creat test account and disable it and see if it is listed or not?

There has been a well known bug on this which is still in release pending .


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Sorry for taking such a long time to get back.

I'm unable to see the bug kit because I don't have the correct permissions.

Just a quick update. if I go to "Disabled accounts" it's now showing a disabled MAC address account, but if I do a search for all users in the mac address group, we have multiple disabled accounts, same as our users group, we have multiple ones disabled, but were only getting the one MAC address showing up in the "Disabled Accounts" page.

What's going on.  Is there an external CSV or database path, which I can go to without going though the web access?

It's just so strange, how it's only displaying the one.

We've had a full reboot done on the system aswell, but still no luck yet.

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