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Cisco ISE debug logs managment

Valery Denisov
Level 1
Level 1

Hello folks !

We have distributed installation of cisco ise. And we need to somehow control disk space on these nodes.

So the question is - how to purge debug logs and where can we set up rules for logrotate for this logs ?
Can we somehow delete all logs, including radius logs (button delete local logs doesn't purge debug logs) ?

Thank you !

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Valery,

Could you please let us know ,whether you are looking for .log files to deletion based on rules or reporting also to delete . If want to reduce the diskspace of Mnt server ,then you can configure the database purge by default it is 90 days ,you can change according your value.



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Question about debug .log files.  And we have lots of them created a year ago. We didn't find any solution to purge stale debug .log files. Neither with database purge nor with any commands.

So is it possible to delete debug logs somehow ? 

And is it possible to create rules - so any  log files older than, for example 90 days, should be deleted?

Any thoughts ?