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FreeRADIUS with WLC 8.3.122 per user bandwidth rate-limits



I am using FreeRADIUS to authenticate users on a single SSID. I can allocate them to particular VLANs etc. What I would like to be able to do is to allocate the users specific QOS bandwidth limit overrides. This should be possible and I can find all of the Cisco documents that reference the Cisco AV pairs. I have no idea how to format it in the FreeRADIUS user file. For example, to allocate a VLAN I just add the following lines;


	Tunnel-Type = VLAN,
	Tunnel-Medium-Type = IEEE-802,
	Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = "3",


So what do I need to add to allow a bandwidth limit of for example 20mb?? I have tried lots of different options e.g.


cisco-avpair = "ip:Airespace-Data-Bandwidth-Average-Contract-Downstream=20000"

 I am lost. Any help would be gratefully received.



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Re: FreeRADIUS with WLC 8.3.122 per user bandwidth rate-limits

I have managed to figure most of this out....

The freeRADIUS dictionary.airespace file did not contain definitions for the values I was trying to apply which is what was causing half of my problems. I have added those definitions so my file looks like this


VENDOR          Airespace                                               14179

BEGIN-VENDOR    Airespace
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Wlan-Id                                       1       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-QOS-Level                                     2       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-DSCP                                          3       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-8021p-Tag                                     4       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Interface-Name                                5       string
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-ACL-Name                                      6       string
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Data-Bandwidth-Average-Contract               7       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Real-Time-Bandwidth-Average-Contract          8       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Data-Bandwidth-Burst-Contract                 9       integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Real-Time-Bandwidth-Burst-Contract            10      integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Guest-Role-Name                               11      string
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Data-Bandwidth-Average-Contract-Upstream      13      integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Real-Time-Bandwidth-Average-Contract-Upstream 14      integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Data-Bandwidth-Burst-Contract-Upstream        15      integer
ATTRIBUTE       Airespace-Real-Time-Bandwidth-Burst-Contract-Upstream   16      integer

VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Bronze                          3
VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Silver                          0
VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Gold                            1
VALUE   Airespace-QOS-Level             Platinum                        2

END-VENDOR Airespace

Now I can call those values with commands like below;


Airespace-Data-Bandwidth-Average-Contract = 20000