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Generate SYSLOG message on user login for Nexus

IOS has the command "login on-success log" to do this, but I cannot find something similiar for NX-OS. Is there a way in Nexus that I can generate a SYSLOG message whenever a user logs into the device?

Ultimately I am trying to generate at least one log message a day for our switches. They are not used frequently, so my security guys want an easy way to make sure log messages are still coming through for them. I have RANCID logging in every morning, but I would prefer to not update the scripts to enter enable mode to generate a message.

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If you just want to generate a syslog messages You can do this using an EEM script.

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Thanks for the reply.

Is anyone aware of an easier way? Ideally I could do it with a one-liner that I am not aware of. If not I will look at enabling EEM.

I was able to get what I need by lowering the logging level of the authpriv service to match what my syslog levels are, in this case 5.

logging level authpriv 5

It's a bit chatty, generates 4 messages on login, but it will do the job.

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