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David Pease

ISE 1.2 - Error 12929 NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently

We are currently running Cisco ISE 1.2, and every day under the "Misconfigured Network Devices" section on the main ISE Page, I have a huge list of different devices that are all being flagged with the following error message:


"12929 NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently." " NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently
Verify NAS configuration. Verify known NAS issues."


The list of devices seems to all be Cisco switches; albeit different models, IOS versions, ect.  


i have searched on this issue, and the closest thing to a fix I can find is that it would be fixed in a WLC update, but that was 9 months ago.    I would like to know what causes this issue, and what needs to be altered in ISE, or on the switches to resolve this.


Thank You.


Saurav Lodh
Rising star

similar issue here

That is correct, and that is the reference I mentioned that is from 9 months ago.   This is NOT on WLCs however, these are on Cisco Switches.   There is no resolution contained there, and that doesn't pertain to my issue at all.

I appreciate your reply, but I had already mentioned that exact post in my original message.


have you guys had any head way on this? I´m having the same problem with a 4506. I have added the 

aaa accounting update newinfo

and it didn´t change anything. Any tipps? Hints? 


Thanks alot! 

I have not heard anything at all since the last reply.   I finally was forced to open a TAC Case on this today.  I will definitely let you know what we discover.


Same problem here, over 5k alarms on this from mostly 2960 switches.

Anything from TAC yet?




They initially suggested to add the config line:


"aaa accounting update periodic 15"


But after I confirmed that I had already done that, he asked for the model and OS levels.  After supplying those, I have not heard back.   The TAC Agent assigned to my case is very knowledgeable (I have worked with him in the past), so I presume he is still looking into it.


might want to touch base with him again, it shouldn't be this long of a gap without you hearing back from him.

Any update?

I see the same with some of our 2960, 3750 and 4500 switches.

Should we open a TAC case? Or can we safely ignore this message?



The last step I performed was taking a packet capture from my ISE Server, and attaching it to my case.   I have not heard back yet, but I will update as soon as I have more information.



David Pease,

Did you get chance to fix this issue ? evern I am also facing the same issue in 4507R..


Finally what solution provided by Cisco Tac?


only update i ever got was to turn off that particular alarm in settings. TAC advised it was cosmetic.

We have moved to ISE 1.4, and lo and behold, the error messages are still coming in on a daily basis. If this is cosmetic, I am not impressed with the lack of a meaningful fix other than, "Disable it". How about "Fix it!"

I had the same error on my 2.1 version. Resolved after I removed the network devices and re-added them back into ISE.

Good luck,

Hi David,

There are couple of defects we have on WLC.

WLC bug: CSCug14713 WLC sends acct-update twice in the same millisecond
WLC bug: CSCug13474 WLC sends acct-update before ISE responds to acct-start

If you're seeing from a wired device like switch:

Under "Enable AAA Functions":

        aaa accounting update periodic 15

        ! Update AAA accounting information periodically every 15 minutes, which is the minimum recommended value.



Jatin Katyal

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