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Cisco Employee

ISE 2.3 -smart license - entitlement / consumption ?

Hi all 


Before i log a TAC case .. need to check something


Customer has ISE 2.3 .. Smart license enabled .. Up until now they only had Base licenses .. (35K) , and now recently Added 1000 Plus and Apex .. 


The license dashboard on ISE , while it does show that the Smart licensing in is use , it Does NOT show the consumption count ??? each license line item on the dashboard shows Enabled BUT compliance as "released Entitlement" ???? 


Customer is not having any issues/alarms - bit is concerned that its now showing up on the dash...


Should we go with TAC ?





VIP Advisor

Hi Greg


Released Entitlement is normally shown when no licenses are in use.  Do you know for a fact that they are consuming those Plus licenses?  E.g. when an Authorization Policy results in a successful authentication/authorization then you should see "One Base and Plus license consumed".  Even then, it seems to take ISE ages to reflect that in its licensing dashboard. 

Is the customer sending Accounting requests to ISE as well?




Cisco Employee

Hi ,


I am quoting one of the responses we have for a similar ask:


With ISE Smart Licensing at any time when any license type (Base, Plus, Apex) does not get used the past 24 hours then the column "Yesterday's Peak Count" should be equal to 0.   When this occurs then the status will be set to "Released Entitlement".

When authentication attempt that completes successfully with a RADIUS Access-Accept then it should increment the license type counters and thereby should go back to "In Compliance" state.

If you see this behavior then all of this is normal behavior in terms of how the Smart Licensing feature is expected to function.


20171207-093217308_Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.38.41 PM.png


Hope this helps,


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