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Allen P Chen

ISE 2.3 to 2.4 restore failure


I am helping a customer perform a restore from ISE 2.3 to ISE 2.4.  I have the customer's 2.3 backup, and in my lab environment, I am seeing the following:

ise/admin# restore backup.tar.gpg repository BACKUP encryption-key plain ******** include-adeos

% Warning: Do not use Ctrl-C or close this terminal window until the restore completes.

Initiating restore.  Please wait...

% restore in progress: Starting Restore...10% completed

% restore in progress: Retrieving backup file from Repository...20% completed

OPS10 is not in backup.tar.gpg

% restore in progress: Decrypting backup data...25% completed

^C% restore in progress: Extracting backup data...30% completed

Leaving the currently connected AD domain

Please rejoin the AD domain from the administrative GUI

% restore in progress: Stopping ISE processes required for restore...35% completed

Cleaning up TC-NAC docker configuration...

% restore in progress: Restoring ISE configuration database...40% completed

% restore in progress: Adjusting host data for upgrade...60% completed

UPGRADE STEP 1: Running ISE configuration database schema upgrade...

- Running db sanity to check and fix if any index corruption

- Auto Upgrading Schema for UPS Model

- Upgrading Schema completed for UPS Model

UPGRADE STEP 2: Running ISE configuration data upgrade...

- Data upgrade step 1/43, UPSUpgradeHandler( .Failed.

% Error: ISE Global data upgrade failed

Where do I pull logs to see exactly what's causing UPSUpgradeHandler to fail?

Customer has a TAC case opened, but I am trying to help as well.  The customer will actually be beta testing Anyconnect 4.6 for us, but we need to get ISE upgrade to 2.4 to test certain features.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

We need checking other logs. If possible, please share the TAC case number.

Hi Hsing,

The TAC case number is 684266730.

I have the customer’s backup, so please let me know what’s needed and I can work on it in my lab.


Did you ever get this figured out? I am having basically the same issue.

The reason varies from deployment to deployment based on the configuration and policies if at all the upgrade fails. You can look at logs files starting with dbupgrade-data-global by using the command "show logging application <file name starting with dbupgrade-data-global>".
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