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ISE 3.0 Bypass Proxy Wildcard support does not work

Arne Bier
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor


I recently enabled web proxy on my ISE 3.0 patch 5 deployment to allow ISE to access the internet Profiler Feed.

I already had configured ISE to download the CRL from my Issuing CAs - and I noticed that the CRL downloads (which use http) started failing after I enabled the proxy feature.  I thought that by putting a * in the Bypass List, ISE would not attempt to use the Proxy for the internal http stuff. But I was wrong. Wildcards are apparently supported, but they don't work as advertised. I had to fix the CRL download issue by adding the FQDN of the CA web server (e.g. - viola! Fixed.  

Anyone know how to make wildcard support work as documented?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is a known limitation -- CSCuu66261: Proxy-bypass for CRL Retrieval Not Working with Wildcard domain list

thanks @hslai - it seems it's been a "known limitation" forever. Why doesn't Cisco just fix it? These kind of bugs are almost inexcusable in my opinion. Such basic stuff. Proxy is not a new feature, and it's not exactly rocket science either. The impact of enabling Proxy in ISE breaks things that used to work - causes issues in customer networks. I get the feeling not many customers use proxy (probably because it's always been buggy). So excuse me if I am venting instead of turning a blind eye and looking for my own workarounds.

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