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ISE Alarm : Warning : Profiler SNMP Request Failure : Server= Name; NAD Address=x.x.x.x


Good morning all.  Has anyone seen a solution for this error : 

Alarm Name : 
Profiler SNMP Request Failure

Details : 
Profiler SNMP Request Failure : Server= CISCOISEVM03; NAD Address=x.x.x.x
Description : 
SNMP request times out, or SNMP community/user auth data is incorrect.

Severity : 

Suggested Actions : 
Please ensure if SNMP is running on the NAD and verify that SNMP configuration on ISE matches on NAD

*** This message is generated by Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) ***

Sent By Host : Name

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Damien Miller
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Have you confirmed your SNMP config on the NAD, and made sure that ISE IPs are allowed by any SNMP ACL to poll the devices?

You can disable SNMP on the NAD, or disable SNMP profile probe completely, but turning something off isn't really a fix.  


HI all,

I have the same issue now.
Could you help to share how to fix this.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Follow the Suggested Action as shown above:


Suggested Actions :
Please ensure if SNMP is running on the NAD and verify that SNMP configuration on ISE matches on NAD


Is SNMP configured on your network device?

Do the shared secrets match on both the network device and ISE?

Did you confirm it with another tool using SNMP that it works?

For my case, yes confirmed. and issue still remaining.

Hi All, 

Was some one able to get a fix or post a fix for "Profiler SNMP Request Failure : Server= X.X.X.X; NAD Address=Y.Y.Y.Y; Error Message=No such name" when we have Meraki devices as switches and AP's, but Cisco catalyst 9500 as core .

Meraki has SNMP set for at general tab on network page (testing with SNMP Version v1) , nothing on SW and AP.  ISE NADs (SW 's and AP's) are configured with same SHARED secret and SNMP v1 .Catalyst 9500 have ips allowed in involved ACL for SNMP and SNMP v1 configured for the catalyst


If configuration is correct. Check CPU and memory utilization on NAD. Have seen issues where device CPU and memory are heavily utilized and device stopped responding to snmp polling.

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