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ISE & ArubaOS

M. Wisely
Level 4
Level 4

We're having an issue since one of our partner organisations replaced their Aruba wireless controllers running ArubaOS 6.x with newer ones running ArubaOS 8.x.

Prior to the change our users had no issues getting connected in their buildings but since the change, all radius requests are being dropped with 5405 RADIUS Request dropped.

The steps are

11001 Recieved RADIUS Access-Request

11017 RADIUS created a new session

5405 RADIUS Request dropped

Prior to the change I added the IPs of the new controllers to the existing network device in ISE.

We are using ISE 2.3 patch 5.

Any help would be great.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Please provide the failure reason as well from the detailed authentication report on the ISE.

Hi Surendra

There is no failure reason listed. Here's the detailed report:


Event     5405 RADIUS Request dropped
Endpoint Id     xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Endpoint Profile     
Authorization Result    

Authentication Details
Source Timestamp      2018-12-21 10:02:00.851
Received Timestamp      2018-12-21 10:02:00.846
Policy Server      XXXX
Event     5405 RADIUS Request dropped
Endpoint Id      xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Authentication Method      dot1x
Service Type      Framed
Network Device      XXX-Aruba
Device Type      All Device Types
Location      All Locations
NAS IPv4 Address
NAS Port Type      Wireless - IEEE 802.11

Other Attributes
ConfigVersionId     191
Device Port     56702
DestinationPort     1812
Protocol     Radius
NAS-Port     0
Framed-MTU     1100
NetworkDeviceProfileName     ArubaWireless
NetworkDeviceProfileId     f7760d79-f36a-45ee-b087-87208e27bc28
Aruba-AP-Group     campus  backup
Aruba-Essid-Name     ssid
Aruba-Location-Id     wap1
AcsSessionID     XXXX/332184942/1140607
DTLSSupport     Unknown
Location     Location#All Locations
Device Type     Device Type#All Device Types
Network Device Profile     ArubaWireless
Organisations     Organisations#Organisations
Device IP Address
Called-Station-ID     00:1a:1e:xx:xx:xx:ssid

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Some potential in hitting this bug -- CSCvm86025