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ISE CIMC software strategy

Johannes Luther

Hi board,

I'm wondering how others handle the CIMC in the Cisco ISE.


In the ISE downloads, there is one BIOS and CIMC software (3.0.3a). However, there are lot's of CIMC vulnerabilities, which needs to be closed. The hardware installation guide does not state that the 3.0.3a is the only supported BIOS.

In fact the guide states:

The following procedure is for upgrading the BIOS and Cisco IMC to version 3.0(3a). However, this procedure is generic and is applicable for newer firmware releases that are posted on


Does this statement apply to the firmware posted in the "Identity Services Engine" download section or is it also supported to use a newer firmware in the downloads section of the corresponding UCS server model?

I know that other firmwares also work - the question is whether this is supported as well.

How you do handle the software of the CIMC?


My question also applies to other UCS based appliances like the WLC5520 etc. :)

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Please check it now make sure it makes sense to you

removed comment.

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