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ISE Dedicated MnT-Scale Options

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What scale or performance increases can we get if we break out MnT on its own? If we have VMM for PAN+PxGrid, MnT, PSN (RADIUS, TACACS+).  Is this any better then combining PAN+PxGrid+MnT? This would all be ISE 2.4


Another question, if we are only doing 2 PxGrid connections does this still reduce the scale of the over all system? Is it better to have this standalone?




Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The only benefits you get are more endpoints when you split out pan mnt either on their own or combined

You wouldn’t run pxgrid on stand-alone with pan . It runs on psn Or by itself in large scale
you also don’t list how many endpoints 

There are 20k endpoints, which is why I am concerned. We have 6x VMMs that we can use, and I want to maximize scale within that constraint. Does this help?

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