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Johnny Leon
Cisco Employee

ISE Linsencing in HA Configuraiton

I'm placing two SNS-3515, one to be configured in HA mode.  Do I have to double the number of Base licenses for the second HA server?  Or are both active at the same time and one takes over when the other one fails?


Please advice.  


Thank you. 

Rahul Govindan

Licensing is done per deployment. So the license count would be only the total number of Base licenses required for your environment. This will be applied on the Primary Admin node of the deployment. 


Usually in a 2 node deployment, both nodes act as Policy Service Nodes (PSN) and can service session requests from switches and other network devices. You would configure one node as primary and the other as secondary, the order is up to you. If one goes down, the network device will reach out to the second ISE PSN in the list after a number of failed attempts to reach the first node. 

Charlie Moreton
Cisco Employee

Remember to add the UDI information from both the Primary and Secondary Admin Nodes to the license when registering the PAK, if using traditional licenses.


No, you do not have to double up.


BASE, PLUS & APEX licenses are pooled within the cluster so they are shared across all nodes within the cluster.


(I know this next bit doesn't apply to you, but if you ever deploy ISE in a virtualised environment though, do remember to license each VM Host.)

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