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ISE NFR kit is a preconfigured VM. How to integrate it on existing demo scenario?


Just got an ISE NFR kit.

I actually thought that this would just as any other Cisco product where you get a license that will limit your amount of registered devices.

Instead we get a preconfigured VM, tuned and tweaked to work on a corp.rf-demo domain.

The problem that I have that will lead to my question is:

- I have set up a fairly complex scenario using ISE on Evaluation license, using own lab/demo infrastructure, meaning specific DNS, AD, PKI, etc.

- from past tests I have discovered that ISE will NOT  accept you changing the FQDN of the machine on the CLI, as internal variable substitution is done based on the initial setup FQDN - for instance for CWA or CPP URL redirection.

- I'd really like to simply license the scenario I already have so that it become part of our somewhat permanent demo showroom.

My questions are:

- is it possible to simply get a NFR license that you can install on a VM, and turn an Eval deployment into an NFR one? Cisco Licensing just told me that the NFR part number is non-licenseable. Does anybody have another idea?

- instead, is it possible to successfully change the FQDN name of the ISE NFR VM into whatever FQDN we need it to be, in case I do find the time to rebuild the entire configuration in this VM?

I have tried adding the NFR VM into my existing deployment as a secondary Admin node, but its license just got overriden by the eval one, as it should.

I'm assuming that if I backup the existing deployment and restore it to the NFR VM, the license will also get overriden. Can anybody confirm?

Thanks for any help/ideas.


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ISE NFR kit is a preconfigured VM. How to integrate it on existi

Hello Gustavo,

If you resolve this please assist me :

1)  Is it possible to customise the NFR version of ISE?

2)  would we be able to get an extended evaluation license, both base and advanced, to apply to our lab ISE node.?

ISE NFR 1.2 software - logging not working after changingIP address of ISE. It is not possible to delete the "Remote Logging Targets" which includes itself and the IP address Please advise on how to customize.


ISE NFR kit is a preconfigured VM. How to integrate it on existi

Hi Naveen,

You can modify the vm. What I did was to get the basic modifications done and then install a fresh ise, integrate it as a secondary node, let it replicate and then promote it to primary.

You''ll then be limited to 20 licenses adv and base, but that's enough for any demo.