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ISE - Number of users per guest user account

Mikael Gustafsson


Is ther a way to limt the allowed number of sessions per user account on the guest access?

As of now I can log in with more then one device using the same credentials.



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Rising star
Rising star

Hi Mikael,

Is this requirement for wireless guest access?? If so there is a option on WLC to restrict multiple user login policies on the WLC. You can option to set the value of 0 through 8 users, with 0 meaning unlimited.

To configure this from the GUI on the WLC:

Security > AAA > User Login Policies

To configure this from the CLI on the WLC:

config netuser maxUserLogin x




This is a known issue with ISE and there is a feature enhancement being tracked for this issue. Support for this should come in ISE 1.2 or even in the next maintenace release. You can try to reach out to your account team to have your company/business case piled on to the list, there are alot of people requesting this feature.


Tarik Admani
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Hi Tarik,

Looks like this issue has not been resolved yet because I am currently running ISE 1.4 patch 3 and I created a guest account using the sponsor portal and I could connect using the same guest account credentials on 2 different devices (IPAD + Newest Samsung Tab). I will check if changing the WLC parameter from current 0 (unlimited concurrent logins for a username) to 1 makes any difference even though George pointed out something different.

Do you have any recent information on this? I have configured on the ISE 1.4 patch 3

Guest Access --- > Configure --- > Guest Type --- > Login Options --- > Maximum simultaneous logins = 1, but looks like it does not work as it is allowing 2 concurrent sessions on the same guest account credentials.

Otherwise, I would open a tac case.



This command is for local users created on the wlc who are using aaa. I don't think this applies to guest ..

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Venkatesh Attuluri
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This feature is available in ISE   1.2

Eduardo Aliaga

Hello. As Venkatesh and Tarik said, this feature is available in ISE 1.2 which was released a couple of days ago.

I'm posting a screenshot of the configuration. PLease rate if this helps

Hi to all,

We use ISE 1.2 and enable "Allow only one guest session per user" but we can still connect with multiple devices ... any solution?

You have to clear the previous session first and then try. it will work.

Tarik Admani

You will have to check the first device as coa should have disconnected the first session from the network.

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We clear the previous session first and then try and didnt work...

Tarik Admani please can you give more info about "You will have to check the first device as coa should have disconnected the first session from the network." I dont get it...

Does it work in LWA mode ?

We use WLC  4402 as a anchor,and the same guest id still can login twice and both are permitted.

Shaoqin Li

in ise 1.2 it has a feature when second mac using same credential to login the previously one will be kicked.

or you can setup the counter on wlc to setup max concurrent user number
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Hi Shaogin Li

Do you have an "how to" on how to use this feature? I have a v1.2 ISE in my lab and it is no problem connecting with multiple devices to my Guest WLAN even if "Allow only one guest session per user" has been enabled.



More than three concurrent users can log into Cisco ISE and view  monitoring and troubleshooting statistics and reports, more than three  concurrent users accessing Cisco ISE can result in unexpected behavior  like (but not limited to) monitoring and troubleshooting reports and  other pages taking excessive amounts of time to launch, and the  application sever restarting on its own.

Although such restriction is available in ISE 1.2.

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