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ISE Profiling - Will the same device be profiled everytime it connects to the network?


My question is;

- Will the same endpoint be profiled (using probes) everytime it is connected to the network or it will be profiled only once,

when it connects to the network for the first time?

If only once, then how the ISE remembers the profiled device the next time it connects to the network? Through its MAC address?

No cisco document explains these things...would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,



Mohan, I think your original quesiton is answered.  If you feel like it has, please mark this as answered so we can close it.  if not, please clarify what else is needed.

Than you.

I hope you find this answer useful, if it was satisfactory  for you, please mark the question as Answered.

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I hope you find this information useful, if it was satisfactory for you, please mark the question as Answered. Please rate post you consider useful. -James
Venkatesh Attuluri
Cisco Employee


With ISE Release 1.2*,  Cisco is delivering, a unique feed service that provides new and  updated profiles for various IP enabled devices when vendors release new  devices. So ISE customers will be able to recognize new devices, in  addition to a multitude of other network attached devices such as  printers, video cameras, and specialized mobile computing devices.

Cisco  works with various vendors, partners, customers, etc. to profile the  multitude of IP enabled devices that are expected to be deployed in  various customer environments and create profiles for these. These  profiles are made available through the Cisco Feed Service. An ISE  server* that is configured to connect to the Feed Service establishes a secure  connection with cloud based Feed Service. The various profiles on the  Feed Service are then automatically downloaded to the ISE server, thus  providing ISE customers the ability to stay abreast and detect various  IP enabled devices that connect to their network. The Feed Service will  be available with the release of ISE 1.2* software release and is part of the Advanced License.

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