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ISE "Endpoints Disconnected" details


I have ISE at 1.4 patch 11. On the Dashboard page if I click on "Active Endpoints" I will receive a breakdown of endpoints on my network. Connected, Failed, Disconnected, and Total.

I am wondering what defines an endpoint that is in the "Disconnected" category. They all seem to have timestamps for the current day and when I check on the device it will be on the network and authorized.

Does anybody have the strict definitions of what makes an endpoint a "Disconnected" endpoint?




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I suppose the real question is, why are connected Clients showing as disconnected, but I don't know the answer to that I'm afraid. Sorry.


FYI, ISE v1.4 has a pretty limited useful life ahead of it, see here;

Thanks for the link to 1.4 End-of-Life.
I recently made the attempt to go to 2.2 from our existing 1.4 but the upgrade failed. We are using Cisco 3495 appliances and I am now told that the 3495's may not be up to the task of running 2.2. We may have to upgrade to new appliances soon.
Thanks again,

3495s are supported on v2.3 so they're fine for that, just keep an eye on the scalability / performance of it all.  There are some interesting stats about that here;


I'm not surprised the upgrade failed to be honest - they're not very reliable from 1.x.


I'd suggest the best two things to try (depending on the kit you have available) are to try the Upgrade Readiness Tool (which will also attempt to fix any bad data, which is a known cause of failed upgrades - see release notes for details), or alternatively, factory reset one appliance and install a fresh ISE v2.3 patch 3, then import a backup to it from your old 1.4 ISE.

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