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Mass-Change TACACS+ Key


We're using CS ACS 3.3. We've been asked to change all of the TACACS+ keys for all of our switches (approximately 900+ devices).

We can use CiscoWorks to change the keys on all of the devices, but is there any way to mass-change the TACACS+ key in the ACS for our devices? We're using Network Device Groups, but best I can see, it's not possible to add a AAA client and define certain characteristics in a generic group profile that gets inherited by all configured devices (such as a universal TACACS+ key for all devices in the group).


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Using the RDBMS Sync feature you can add/delete/edit NAS configs via ODBC. Initialliy it might be a pain to create the transaction file (although you might be able to script something). But having donr it once you'd be able to re-key all the devices instantly next time - so long as the list of devices was kept up-to-date.

If you are using Network Device Groups, by default, all devices added in the group inherit the key that is specified for the group. Unless if you have configured a key under each device individually.

If you have done it at NDG level, then simply changing the NDG key should change the key in ACS for all devices in that group.

I saw the previous post about using RDBMS sync and I'm looking into that.

Best that I can tell, we don't have any properties that are inherited by the entire group. I haven't been able to find a way to look at any properties for the NDG. Is it possible to change the inherited key after the group has been created?


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