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Multi MFA providers with ASA and ISE


I currently have the following:


An ASA 5515 configured for radius pointing at an external RSA server (radius_group1), this provides MFA for Anyconnect users and has a dedicated group-policy and tunnel group. Users can authenticate using just the RSA passcode and gain access to the network.


I then have another radius group configured (radius_group2) for DUO MFA, the ASA has a separate group-policy and tunnel group configured specifically for DUO. The radius_group2 points to ISE in the first instance and then ISE points to the DUO proxy radius server. ISE is configured with a policy for authentication (DUO proxy - this is what initiates the DUO push to the mobiles), then authorisation is configured to check AD group membership and then the DACLs are applied. This part works perfectly.


What I need to do is configure the RSA solution in the same way with DACLs per AD group membership. Unfortunately the RSA is not secureID, only external radius. How would I configured the ASA to firstly authenticate the user using the external RSA radius server and then ask ISE for authorisation using a new or the existing policy? The current policy for DUO uses the following conditions - Device:Device type and Radius:NAS-port-type.


Thanks in advance