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PPPoE circuit-id tag processing with NAS-port-ID feature in 7200VXR problem

Level 1
Level 1

We faced the following problem when we configured both vendor-tag circuit-id service and radius-server attribute nas-port format d command in our 7200VXR.

When finishing configuration we did a debug radius and received the "AAA Unsupported Attr: circuit-id-tag". Circuit-id-tag as you can see in the sniffer traces has a format of access-node-identifier atm slot/module/port/vpi/vci.

However we never got this value as a NAS-Port-Id in our debug radius command. Instead we received in specific NAS-Port-Id the format Access-Node-Identifier eth slot/subslot/port:vlan tag (? I guess so).

The above described situation occurs when we run 12.2(31)SB2 IOS version. However we received different (probably better) results when we run on the router 12.3(7)XI7a IOS version. In this latter case as you can see in the debug radius output log the NAS-Port-Id field is filled with the correct circuit-id-tag : atm 1/6:8.35.

Shall we try another configuration than the nas-port format d command for radius?

Thanks in advance for any answer provided.

Kind Regards

Dimitris Elefsiniotis

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Jagdeep Gambhir
Level 10
Level 10

Hi Dimitris,

Is this case only for PPPoE relay requests. For normal sessions( without PPPoE relay) the Nas-port gets prepended as expected ?



thank you for your prompt response.

You can find additional information in the attached files (BRAS show tech/run, sniffer traces, debug radius commands in BRAS).

We are talking for normal sessions and as you can easily track yourself the NAS-Port-Id is different than the circuit-id-tag inserted by access device (DSLAM)(IOS 12.2(31)SB2. However, the DHCP snooping is used in aggregation 7600 router and option 82 is set by DSLAM as well.