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Reccomended Cisco ISE profile probes

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Level 1


just a quick question please. Which probes are required for profilling feature to function properly? There are many types.

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Rahul Govindan
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It really depends on the setup that you have. At a very basic level, Radius Probes should be enabled to glean information regarding the client from the Radius request response.I usually also turn on SNMP and HTTP by default. SNMP is useful when I have Cisco devices connected to the switch - CDP information can be passed back to the ISE providing information of the device being "Cisco IP Phone" or "Cisco Access Point". HTTP is useful when you have some sort of Web based redirect - the user string can give some more information on what kind of client device is being used.

Venkatesh Attuluri
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

following are the list of probes supported by ISE

    NetFlow Probe
    DHCP Probe
    DHCP SPAN Probe
    HTTP Probe
    HTTP SPAN Probe
    RADIUS Probe
    Network Scan Probe
    DNS Probe
    SNMP Query Probe
    SNMP Trap Probe

let me know the profiling scenarios you are looking for and mostly depends on your network design.go through this profiling design guide it explains each probe in details


i am aware of that document. I am just looking for this, lets say that to make it work properly you need Radius + NMAP, for example.

Or something like: you dont need to you snmp traps, when you use Radius

Because i think that some of these probes are useless, for example DHCPs(Radius instead), DNS, SNMPs (Radius instead) and netflow (really not sure about this :D)

Thank you