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Reducing sponsor portal printout borders

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Level 1

The sponsor portal printouts have a huge border. I want users to be able to fold the printout up and the huge borders are making this like doing origami.


I can't see an option but maybe I am missing something. Is there any way to reduce this border?

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Accepted Solutions

OK please open a tac case. Nothing we are going to solve here.

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Jason Kunst
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
I don't see a way to do this in the UI. Maybe a way to export the portal language file and modify that?

Thanks. I've had a look but can't find anything relevant in it. I imagine this may be controlled in the theme CSS but looking at it, I don't have the knowledge to determine which, if any of it, controls the border on the sponsor printout.

Im looking further into to see if it is possible.


Can you show output of your print screen

I dont' see that, I click notify, print and open the preview and it has no border. This was on macbook preview. Maybe try different computer? otherwise check with tac?

A coworker didn't see issue either




Maybe I am missing something but I see a huge border on your screen capture. What would you call all that whitespace above and to the left of the text! :)


This isn't computer specific. I see it on different browsers, O/S, etc.

that's just in the preview app showing the black background. I am on 2.6 don't see the issue, please contact TAC perhaps or maybe its with printer? I tried save as PDF and print preview as wellSponsor Home.png

I can see a huge white border in your screen capture. This is an ISE issue. I have the same problem on different ISE deployments, different printers, different browsers, different PDF writers, and I can see the border on your screen capture!




OK please open a tac case. Nothing we are going to solve here.