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Reporting in ISE - What are the possibilities?

Hi Experts,

As an extension to my previous post, there are further questions that I need for reporting on ISE.


I see that ISE does have a set of reporting capabilities built into it, but I am not able to locate or generate report as these following requirements that I have:


  1. Number of authentications
  2. MAC authentications
  3. Dot1x authentications (passed and failed)
  4. All the types of authentications (passed and failed, with reason)
  5. Drill down above points further based on IP address and network devices

I have tried doing a report export and then using MS Excel to fine tune it, but that becomes a very tedious task when working with hundreds of users and machines.

Has anyone tried this before? Any pointers will help.


Thank you,


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Re: Reporting in ISE - What are the possibilities?

The fortunate part is that the raw information you want is available and exportable from ISE. The downside, as you have already alluded to is that it requires manipulation. The "Radius Authentication" reports includes the five categories you require but will export as a flat CSV file.

We built an internal tool using a Microsoft Access database to handle similar requirements as yours for client projects we are working on. By scheduling the exports of the radius authentication report we are able to import the data and manipulate it via script. No more filtering within excel. The benefit of this is the ability to keep track of many hundreds of thousands of endpoints and report stats on a per site basis.

The "Authentication Summary" report gives you access to the total passed and failed auths in chart form as well as the failure reasons with count. It goes on to provide break downs of authentications per node and per device. I would suggest taking a look at it to see if it helps out at all. Unfortunately is exports as a PDF that's pretty lack luster.


Re: Reporting in ISE - What are the possibilities?

Yes, I have been manipulating the report using Excel, but then there are certain specific requirements from the client, which the reports that already ISE provides does not suffice them.

Since, you mentioned that you are using internal tool to manipulate these reports, would it be possible to share that information as off how its done.


And as off now is this enhancement being confirmed for future releases as well?