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SNS-3515-k9 CIMC and BIOS update

Hi all,

I've two SNS-3515-k9 with ISE 2.4 preinstalled. I'm going to delivery to customer's network and I would update to the last version CIMC and BIOS as well.

I've just saw that new firmwares are released couple a day ago with upgrade guide too. By the way in that guide there's no mention about my CIMC installed version.

Here the details:

 BIOS (Version: C220M4.3.0.3a.0.0321172055)
 CIMC (Version: 3.0(3S2))
 ISE: patch 4


Thanks a lot!

Quello che non ho è quel che non mi manca.
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Yes, i’ve saw it a couple of weeks ago, I’ve posted now. 


However, this not clarify what I’m supposed to do. 


I’d like to update to last stable version now, on my lab before to deploy on customer’s network. 

Quello che non ho è quel che non mi manca.

Use the latest version available for SNS appliance. We don’t validate every cimc firmware for use unless there is something critical

I've successfully upgraded CIMC and BIOS firmware on my two ISE nodes, I'm very thankful to TAC engineer who helped me out.


I've two SNS-3515-k9 with ISE 2.4 nodes, with CIMC version 3.0.3(S2) installed.

In order to upgrade to 3.0.4j CIMC, I had to downgrade my version to 2.0.9c because 3.0.3(S2) doesn't support uploading file > 40 MB.

Firstly I've upgraded my secondary node:

step 1) Gracefully shutdown ISE node

In ISE CLI just launch:
application stop ise

step 2) from 3.0.3(S2) to 2.0.9c

Upload first BMC then BIOS firmware and after doing that activate new BMC firmware. Note CIMC will be unreachable for a few minutes.

Important: my version (3.0.3(S2)) was affected by this bug CSCvd26329: after the downgrade password was reset to default. (admin - password)

step 3) from 2.0.9c to 3.0.3f 

Same as step 2 but I had to active BIOS firmware as well. First, activate BMC, after that shutdown host from CIMC menu, then activate new BIOS. You might have to refresh your internet browser before you can power on host again.

Please note powering on the host by CIMC command will power on ISE node as well, so open a KVM console to check when ISE will be on (CLI: show application status ise) and then shutdown again.

step 4) from 3.0.3f to 3.0.4j

same as step 3.

Follow this steps to upgrade primary node CIMC as well.
Hope this could help someone.

Quello che non ho è quel che non mi manca.

Thanks for posting the steps. They worked perfectly for me. 




Hi, thanks  the information was so helpful, do you know if I use the CLI procedure I will have the same file size issue

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